British Gardens during the Roman Years

To get a good picture of the garden get Romano – Old English, we should consider their prototypes in Italy. Horticulture primitive Italy, as in other countries, it was originally intended only for practical purposes. Gradually the Latin word hortus applied to the days of republican simplicity of the vegetable field, lying, at the time of the Emperor luxury, to show the beauty of the gardens maximum pleasure. In recent times was the source of all new forms of Roman art, including garden architecture, Greece, which in turn receive inspiration from Egypt, Persia and Assyria had.

Egyptian garden starts a recording that was still there. Drawings and inscriptions, far back to centuries before Christ, shows that most of the houses built in Egypt to a series of pages that are both useful and decorative vegetation included from. First, a row of trees along the inner walls of the building is shaded and enclosed quadrangle. Then trees offer a place for fixed columns and overhanging branches projecting into the ceiling, in the general effect of the shadow of the Greek portico ( porch or portico poles ) and monastic portico out.

Religious significance attached to almost any garden feature in the pre-Christian, and the worship of trees was observed in all ancient peoples. A favorite is pine, a symbol of Cybele, Jupiter Oak, Greetings from Apollo, the myrtle of Venus, Minerva, Hercules poplar and olive oil. Pine grows well in many places. Yew, although common, are not much appreciated, but, juniper and rosemary are often used for topiary work. Box also often cut and then, as now, as the best shrubs for borders viewed.

Roses, lilies and purple flowers are among the most famous of the ancient world, but the daffodils, anemones, gladioli, irises, poppy, amaranth, immortelle, verbena, periwinkle, and crocuses are also cultivated and admired. Many plants grown without flowers such as basil, marjoram and thyme for their fragrance, while Acanthus is so beautiful welcomes foliage. Ivy covered walls or trained to form a ring among the trees and fields. British garden should be great for your reference.

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