Dog Clothing

Dog clothing is an extremely hot up – and – coming market for retailers. .For example, when your dog is walking outdoors, clothing protects him from external factors. The dog’s owner has been thinking for a long time about how to get rid of flies, who are annoying out her dog.  I worked for a woman who lavished extraordinary care on her golden retrieve so she spent a lot of money on accessories and clothes for her dog.

Later, when my good friend Abby decided to go into business selling jewelry, I convinced her to include Dog Clothing in her retail venture. We decided to limit the dog apparel clothing to high – quality designer level clothes and target the wealthier customers. I kept in mind the shopping habits of my prior employer, and used her as a model of the customer we wanted to attract.

Why Dog Clothing Is A Lucrative Market

As Abby and I discovered, selling clothing for pets is extremely lucrative. Women who visited her shop intending to buy jewelry almost inevitably left the shop with dog sweaters for their neighbors, children, or friends. After just six months, she expanded the section of the store for the canine clothing.

If you are a small business owner, I’d highly recommend looking into the marketing of apparel for dogs. Even if it doesn’t seem to gel with what the primary focus of your store is, you can start small with a single rack of items. Who would have thought that jewelry and clothing for dogs could have been profitable together?

How to Sell Dog Clothing

If you’re keen on the idea of adding dog clothing to your inventory, there are some simple and easy ways to get started. It’s better to start small and stock only a few quality items rather than immediately convert half your floor space to dog items. Start small, gain a client base in your community, and expand once you know what your customers are willing to pay for.

The best way to begin is to talk to your regular customers and find out which ones have pets and whether they have any interest in dog clothing. Getting feedback before you make an investment is very important in making a smart business decision. If you think your customers would embrace the new venture, go ahead and stock a few items.

What Should You Stock?

If you get an initial response that is favorable while surveying your customers, choose several items that range in price. There are many dog accessories that are inexpensive, such as hats, leashes, and toys. Stock several items that are more expensive, though, and take note of who purchases them and how often.

If your more expensive items move within two months, you are probably in a prime location for selling dog’s clothing. You can start to stock more of the high quality items and increase your profit margin. Also, once your customers see you are providing them with quality products for their pets, they will come back again and again.

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