Easy Plants for Your Garden

Whether you are just starting out as a gardener or trying to find some quick and easy planting solutions to fit your busy schedule, these three low-maintenance flowers are guaranteed to brighten up the garden with very little effort. So plant your seeds and relax while the garden grows!

So, What Flowers you Should Grow Easily?

Sweet Peas

If you can poke a hole in the ground, you can plant sweet peas. These classic favourites of the British garden grow quickly and will cover a fence or wall with a blaze of colour. As the plant grows, tendrils reach out and cling to other structures so that the plant can climb up to five feet from the ground. The flowers have a beautifully sweet aroma that fills the garden. Pick the flowers frequently and you will encourage even more blooms.


Sunflowers grow quickly from seeds and have strong stems that can act as a pole to support other plants. There are plenty of varieties, from short to giant, that can be planted together to fill in visual space at the back of the garden. If you have an unsightly shed for your tools and other equipment, plant a row of sunflowers around the structure and it will recede into the background.

Plant sunflower seeds in a row at the back of the garden for a fantastic background. They grow quickly and easily grow on strong stems that can support other plants. Try planting a row of sunflowers and sweet peas together, the two plants will grow with the sunflower stalk supporting the sweet peas and creating a wall of flowers.


The cutest of flowers, these perennials grow almost anywhere. They do equally well in sun and shade and quickly spread out in a carpet of colour to fill in spaces in the garden. Pansies come in a fantastic variety of colour so they will go with the various kinds of plants in the rest of your garden. They also act to cover over the soil and prevent weeds from taking over. The easiest way to plant pansies is from seedlings purchased at the nursery. Plant them once and they will return every spring. Pinch off dead flowers to encourage new growth.

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