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Gas welding is the finest form of welding, which requires practice and experience

The gas welding is commonly known as strong welding and sometimes improperly defined welding torch : this derives from the fact that the filler material has increased strength of the alloys of tin and lead. These materials generally have a melting temperature between 800 and 1000 ° C, which cannot be obtained with an electric soldering iron for tin. Choose propane weed torch.

It is necessary to use flames with high calorific value. The material in question is physically presented in the form of rods with a small diameter of about 2 mm, long about 300 mm. The alloys that offer the best results are the most expensive.

The silver alloys have a strength and a much higher hardness than pure silver, bind well with almost all metals (excluding aluminum) and even with the stainless steel. While some silver rods are supplied with a deoxidizing powder coating, in most cases it is preferred to sprinkle the surfaces with borax powder which, on flame, melts and chemically deoxidizes the metals. Coated chopsticks are typically more expensive and delicate.

The gas welding is performed by fusing
The s gas aldatura is performed by melting the filler metal with flashlights or torches liquid gas : propane or butane give the most satisfactory results. The gas torches have, in the best models, a piezoelectric ignition system. Each click corresponds to a strong spark that strikes in front of the burner nozzle and the flame is immediately ready. The gas torches have a very simplified carburation system.

To carbide means to saturate a gaseous atmosphere, ie the air, with hydrocarbons. This saturation, or carburation, is corrected so that the flame forms a bluish dart in its center, which has the maximum calorific value. A liquid gas can reach 1800 ° C of heat in the dart but, due to inevitable dispersions, the useful temperature is reduced to 1300 ° C.

Welding gas

Liquid gases can be of two basic types: butane and propane . The propane is much higher, such as performance, butane : gasifica more easily even in cold weather while the butane, on the other hand, is less expensive.

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