Organic Healthy Pet Foods

Organic healthy pet foods are the core of your pet’s healthy lifestyle. While there are a number of factors that determine your dog or cat’s overall health, the most significant one that you can control is your pet’s diet. Along with plenty of exercise, organic healthy pet foods can greatly improve pet health; on the other hand, unwholesome foods can lead to serious medical conditions over time.

There is virtually nothing you can do about the genetics that Mother Nature dealt to your pet – your animal companion may or may not be predisposed to any number of medical conditions that will affect its health. However, you – and only you – have complete control over the nutrition your pet gets through its diet. Ideally, pet owners, vets, and animal lovers are responsible people and will supply their loved ones with not only what they want, but also the nutrients their bodies require – these are what Organic Healthy Pet Foods provide.

Why Organic Healthy Pet Foods Are Better Than Generic

The name explains it all. Organic healthy pet foods use organic ingredients: no emulsifiers, synthetic preservatives, anti-caking agents, or any of those other things on the pet food bag that you can’t pronounce. And the ingredients they do use are they best they can find, which isn’t the case with many commercial pet foods.

Generally speaking, large corporations make the generic or commercial-grade pet foods you see at the grocery store, with many companies under their influence. Sometimes these companies have divisions in other related industries, such as chicken processing plants, and have easy access to second-hand or discarded ingredients. Very often, these lower-quality ingredients end up in their food – but never in organic healthy pet foods.

The companies that produce organic foods pride themselves on the quality of their meats and use only human-grade cuts. Generic food makers, by comparison, use animal-grade ingredients, which means intestines, beaks, and feathers – but none of the good stuff. Plus, they use rendered fats and other cost-saving features like corn meal or peanut shells as filler.

Some companies that are very dedicated to pet health make holistic pet food, where every step of the food process is viewed as part of a much larger system. They use free-range chickens and sheep, and treat them humanely during every part of their lives. And they grow their plants and grains that end up in their food without fertilizers or herbicides.

Where Can I Get Organic Healthy Pet Foods?

Most of the companies that make truly healthy food for pets are smaller, homegrown businesses that don’t have the budgets to advertise nationally or secure shelf space at the big grocery stores. But they are around – check online – and many of them deliver their goods across the US. Don’t be put off by the prices, which seem high at first – many of them are arnua//y cheaper per serving than the generic stuff.

One great benefit of organic healthy pet foods (other than healthier and happier pets) is that they are concentrated with quality ingredients, so you’ll use less of it – and spend less in the long run. Animals naturally eat until they’ve acquired all the nutrients they need, then they stop – but the mass-produced pet foods don’t supply pets with enough of those nutrients. It’s like that commercial for the vitamin-rich cereal: your pets will need to eat a lot of bowls of the generic foods to get the nutrition that just one bowl of organic healthy pet foods supply.

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